Package org.mule.api.registry

Interface Summary
InjectProcessor An object processor that will get called during the inject phase
MuleRegistry Adds lookup/register/unregister methods for Mule-specific entities to the standard Registry interface.
ObjectProcessor The parent interface for all object processors.
PreInitProcessor Fired after the inject phase but before the initialise lifecycle phase
RegistryBroker A RegistryBroker delegates calls to a collection of Registries.
ServiceDescriptor Parent interface for any pluggable service in Mule (transport, model, etc.)
ServiceFinder ServiceFinder can be used as a hook into the service lookup process to return the correct Service Descriptor for a given service name.
TransformerResolver A TransformResolver is used to find transformers that match a certain criteria in the registry.

Class Summary
AbstractServiceDescriptor.Key Unique key used to cache the service descriptors.
ServiceDescriptorFactory Factory used to create a new service descriptor.

Enum Summary
ServiceType TODO
TransformerResolver.RegistryAction Possible registry actions that occur that will trigger an event fired via TransformerResolver.transformerChange(Transformer, RegistryAction) method.

Exception Summary
ResolverException An exception that is thrown by resolver classes responsible for finding objects in the registry based on particular criteria
ServiceException Any service-related exception: service not found, service lookup error, etc.

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