Interface Matchable

All Known Subinterfaces:
MatchableMessageProcessor, MatchableMessageRouter, OutboundRouter, TransformingMatchable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMessageSplitter, AbstractOutboundRouter, AbstractRecipientList, AbstractRoundRobinMessageSplitter, AbstractSequenceRouter, ChainingRouter, ContentBasedRouter, EndpointSelector, ExceptionBasedRouter, ExpressionMessageSplitter, ExpressionRecipientList, FilterBasedXmlMessageSplitter, FilteringOutboundRouter, FirstSuccessful, ListMessageSplitter, MessageChunkingRouter, MulticastingRouter, OutboundPassThroughRouter, RoundRobin, SequenceRouter, StaticRecipientList, SxcFilteringOutboundRouter, TransformerRouter, UntilSuccessful, XmlMessageSplitter

public interface Matchable

Enables an artifact to be matched for routing before actually routing to it

Method Summary
 boolean isMatch(MuleMessage message)
          Determines if the event should be processed

Method Detail


boolean isMatch(MuleMessage message)
                throws MuleException
Determines if the event should be processed

message - the current message to evaluate
true if the event should be processed by this router
MuleException - if the event cannot be evaluated

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