Package org.mule.api.routing

Interfaces that define inbound and outbound routing API.


Interface Summary
Matchable Enables an artifact to be matched for routing before actually routing to it
MatchingRouter Routes the message to zero or more MatchableMessageProcessors.
MessageInfoMapping This mapping us used by routers to control how Important message information is pulled from the current message.
OutboundRouter OutboundRouter is used to control outbound routing behaviour for an event.
OutboundRouterCatchAllStrategy RouterCatchAllStrategy is a strategy interface that allows developers to hook in custom code when an event is being routed on the inbound or outbound but does not match any of the criteria defined for the routing.
OutboundRouterCollection RouterCollection defines the interface for a MessageRouter that manages more than one router.
RouterResultsHandler An SPI interface where custom logic can be plugged in to control how collections and single messages are returned from routers.
SelectiveRouter Routes the event to MessageProcessors using a Filter to evaluate the event being processed and determine if a given route should be used.

Exception Summary
CouldNotRouteOutboundMessageException CouldNotRouteOutboundMessageException thrown if Mule fails to route the current outbound event.
ResponseTimeoutException ResponseTimeoutException is thrown when a response is not received in a given timeout in the Response Router.
RoutePathNotFoundException RoutePathNotFoundException is thrown if a routing path for an event cannot be found.
RoutingException RoutingException is a base class for all routing exceptions.

Package org.mule.api.routing Description

Interfaces that define inbound and outbound routing API.

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