Security API for authentication and authorisation.


Interface Summary
Authentication Authentication represents an authentication request and contains authentication information if the request was successful
AuthenticationFilter AuthenticationFilter is a base filter for authenticating messages.
Credentials Credentials holds credentials information for a user.
CredentialsAccessor CredentialsAccessor is a template for obtaining user credentials from the current message and writing the user credentials to an outbound message
EndpointSecurityFilter Deprecated.
SecurityContext SecurityContext holds security information and is associated with the MuleSession.
SecurityContextFactory SecurityContextFactory is responsible for creating a SecurityContext instance.
SecurityFilter SecurityFilter is a base filter for secure filtering of inbound and outbound event flow.
SecurityManager SecurityManager is responsible for managing one or more security providers.
SecurityProvider SecurityProvider is a target security provider that actually does the work of authenticating credentials and populating the Authentication object.
TlsDirectKeyStore Configure direct key stores.
TlsDirectTrustStore Configure direct trust stores.
TlsIndirectKeyStore Configure indirect key stores.
TlsIndirectTrustStore Configure indirect trust stores.
TlsProtocolHandler Set the underlying protocol handler.

Exception Summary
CredentialsNotSetException CredentialsNotSetException is thrown when user credentials cannot be obtained from the current message
CryptoFailureException CryptoFailureException is a generic exception thrown by an CryptoStrategy if encryption or decryption fails.
EncryptionNotSupportedException EncryptionNotSupportedException is thrown if an algorithm is set in the MULE_USER header but it doesn't match the algorithm set on the security filter
EncryptionStrategyNotFoundException EncryptionStrategyNotFoundException is thrown by the SecurityManager when an encryption scheme is set in a property or header that has not been registered witrh the manager
NotPermittedException NotPermittedException is thrown if the user isn't authorized to perform an action.
SecurityException SecurityException is a generic security exception
SecurityProviderNotFoundException SecurityProviderNotFoundException is thrown by the SecurityManager when an authentication request is made but no suitable security provider can be found to process the authentication
UnauthorisedException UnauthorisedException is thrown if authentication fails
UnknownAuthenticationTypeException UnknownAuthenticationTypeException is thrown if a security context request is make with an unrecognised Authentication type.
UnsupportedAuthenticationSchemeException UnsupportedAuthenticationSchemeException is thrown when a authentication scheme is being used on the message that the Security filter does not understand

Package Description

Security API for authentication and authorisation.

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