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Packages that use DiscoverableTransformer
org.mule.module.json.transformers Transfromers for converting from JavaBeans and collections to JSON and back again. 
org.mule.module.xml.transformer Xml and Xslt Transformer implementations. 
org.mule.transformer Provides the default transformer base implementations for Mule including compression and encryption support. 
org.mule.transformer.simple Basic transformer implementations. Contains transformers to convert to and from the java.mail.Message type. 
org.mule.transport.file.transformers Transformers for converting to and from the FileMessage type. 
org.mule.transport.jms.transformers Contains transformers to convert to and from different javax.jms.Message types 

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.config.transformer

Classes in org.mule.config.transformer that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class AnnotatedTransformerProxy
          Creates a Mule Transformer proxy around a transform method.

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.module.atom.transformers

Classes in org.mule.module.atom.transformers that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class BaseToOutputHandler
          Converts Abdera model elements which extend Base to OutputHandlers.
 class ObjectToFeed
          ObjectToInputStream converts serilaizable object to a input stream but treats java.lang.String differently by converting to bytes using the String.getBytes() method.

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.module.json.transformers

Classes in org.mule.module.json.transformers that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class AbstractJsonTransformer
 class JsonToObject
          A transformer that will convert a JSON encoded object graph to a java object.
 class ObjectToJson
          Converts a java object to a JSON encoded object that can be consumed by other languages such as Javascript or Ruby.

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.module.rss.transformers

Classes in org.mule.module.rss.transformers that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class ObjectToRssFeed
          Converts an RSS data representation into a SyndFeed object

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.module.xml.transformer

Classes in org.mule.module.xml.transformer that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class DomDocumentToXml
          DomDocumentToXml Transform a org.w3c.dom.Document to XML String
 class XmlToDomDocument
          XmlToDomDocument transforms a XML String to org.w3c.dom.Document.
 class XmlToOutputHandler
 class XmlToXMLStreamReader

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.transformer

Classes in org.mule.transformer that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class AbstractDiscoverableTransformer

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.transformer.simple

Classes in org.mule.transformer.simple that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class BeanToMap
          Conversts a simple bean object to a Map.
 class ByteArrayToMuleMessage
 class ByteArrayToObject
          ByteArrayToObject works in the same way as ByteArrayToSerializable but checks if the byte array is a serialised object and if not will return a String created from the bytes as the returnType on the transformer.
 class ByteArrayToSerializable
          ByteArrayToSerializable converts a serialized object to its object representation
 class DataHandlerToInputStreamTransformer
 class MapToBean
          Creates and object of type AbstractTransformer.getReturnClass() and populates values of a Map as bean properties on the object.
 class NumberToString
          NumberToString converts a Number to a String.
 class ObjectArrayToString
          ObjectArrayToString transformer is the opposite of StringToObjectArray - it simply converts Object[] to a String in which each element is separated by a configurable delimiter (default is a space).
 class ObjectToByteArray
          ObjectToByteArray converts serilaizable object to a byte array but treats java.lang.String differently by converting to bytes using the String.getBytrs() method.
 class ObjectToInputStream
          ObjectToInputStream converts Serializable objects to an InputStream but treats java.lang.String, byte[] and org.mule.api.transport.OutputHandler differently by using their byte[] content rather thqn Serializing them.
 class ObjectToOutputHandler
          ObjectToOutputHandler converts a byte array into a String.
 class ObjectToString
          ObjectToString transformer is useful for debugging.
 class PropertyEditorTextToValueTransformer
          PropertyEditorTextToValueTransformer adapts a PropertyEditor instance allowing it to be used to transform from a String to another type in Mule
 class PropertyEditorValueToTextTransformer
          PropertyEditorValueToTextTransformer adapts a PropertyEditor instance allowing it to be used to transform from a specific type to a String.
 class SerializableToByteArray
          SerializableToByteArray converts a serializable object or a String to a byte array.
 class StringToBoolean
          ByteArrayToSerializable converts a serialized object to its object representation
 class StringToNumber
          StringToNumber converts a String to a Number.

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in

Classes in that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class EmailMessageToString
          EmailMessageToString extracts the text body of java mail Message and returns a string.

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.transport.file.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.file.transformers that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class FileToByteArray
          FileToByteArray reads the contents of a file as a byte array.
 class FileToString
          FileToString reads file contents into a string.

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.transport.http.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.http.transformers that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class ServletRequestToOutputHandler
          Adds support for converting a HttpServletRequest into an OutputHandler

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.transport.jms.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.jms.transformers that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class AbstractJmsTransformer
          AbstractJmsTransformer is an abstract class that should be used for all transformers where a JMS message will be the transformed or transformee object.
 class JMSMessageToObject
          JMSMessageToObject Will convert a javax.jms.Message or sub-type into an object by extracting the message payload.
 class ObjectToJMSMessage
          ObjectToJMSMessage will convert any object to a javax.jms.Message or sub-type into an object.

Uses of DiscoverableTransformer in org.mule.transport.servlet.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.servlet.transformers that implement DiscoverableTransformer
 class HttpRequestToByteArray
          Converts an HttpServletRequest into an array of bytes by extracting the payload of the request.
 class HttpRequestToInputStream
          Converts a HttpServletRequest into an InputStream.

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