Uses of Interface

Packages that use Connectable
org.mule.api.transport Contains the interfaces that comprise a provider implementation. 
org.mule.context.notification Internal server notification types fired via the MuleManager. 
org.mule.transport Contains Abstract classes providing common functionality for all Mule providers. 
org.mule.transport.ajax.container A AJAX transport allows Mule applications to send a receive events to the web browser. 
org.mule.transport.ajax.embedded A AJAX transport allows Mule applications to send a receive events to the web browser. 
org.mule.transport.ejb Provides pop3, smtp and imap connectivity for Mule
org.mule.transport.file Provides file transport in the form of a directory listeners and file dispatchers. 
org.mule.transport.http Provides http transport including proxy support. 
org.mule.transport.jdbc Provides jdbc transport. 
org.mule.transport.jms Provides Jms transport connectivity with support for all Jms features. 
org.mule.transport.jms.activemq Provides Jms connectivity with ActiveMQ-specific workarounds and improvements. 
org.mule.transport.jms.weblogic Provides Jms connectivity with Weblogic-specific workarounds and improvements. 
org.mule.transport.jms.websphere Provides Jms connectivity with Websphere-specific workarounds and improvements. 
org.mule.transport.multicast IP multicast connectivity for Mule
org.mule.transport.soap.axis Provides an Axis soap transport for Mule
org.mule.transport.ssl Provides tcp connectivity over Ssl for Mule
org.mule.transport.tcp Provides tcp connectivity for Mule
org.mule.transport.udp Provides Udp connectivity for Mule
org.mule.transport.vm A connector implementation allowing events to be passed between Mule sessions via in-memory queues. 

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.api.transport

Subinterfaces of Connectable in org.mule.api.transport
 interface Connector
          Connector is the mechanism used to connect to external systems and protocols in order to send and receive data.
 interface MessageDispatcher
          Combine MessageDispatching with various lifecycle methods for the actual instances doing message sending.
 interface MessageReceiver
          MessageReceiver is used to receive data from an external system.
 interface MessageRequester
          Combine MessageRequesting with various lifecycle methods for the actual instances doing message sending.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.context.notification

Constructors in org.mule.context.notification with parameters of type Connectable
ConnectionNotification(Connectable resource, String identifier, int action)

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.endpoint.dynamic

Classes in org.mule.endpoint.dynamic that implement Connectable
 class NullConnector
          A placeholder for a connector that has not been created yet.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport

Classes in org.mule.transport that implement Connectable
 class AbstractConnector
          AbstractConnector provides base functionality for all connectors provided with Mule.
 class AbstractJndiConnector
          This class acts as common baseclass for both Rmi & EjbConnector Resolves Jndi root for connector usage
 class AbstractMessageDispatcher
          Abstract implementation of an outbound channel adaptors.
 class AbstractMessageReceiver
          AbstractMessageReceiver provides common methods for all Message Receivers provided with Mule.
 class AbstractMessageRequester
          The Message Requester is used to explicitly request messages from a message channel or resource rather than subscribing to inbound events or polling for messages.
 class AbstractPollingMessageReceiver
          AbstractPollingMessageReceiver implements a base class for polling message receivers.
 class AbstractTransportMessageHandler<O>
          Provide a default dispatch (client) support for handling threads lifecycle and validation.
 class TransactedPollingMessageReceiver
          The TransactedPollingMessageReceiver is an abstract receiver that handles polling and transaction management.
 class UnsupportedMessageDispatcher
 class UnsupportedMessageRequester

Methods in org.mule.transport that return Connectable
 Connectable ConnectException.getFailed()

Constructors in org.mule.transport with parameters of type Connectable
ConnectException(Message message, Connectable failed)
ConnectException(Message message, Throwable cause, Connectable failed)
ConnectException(Throwable cause, Connectable failed)

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.ajax

Classes in org.mule.transport.ajax that implement Connectable
 class AjaxMessageDispatcher
          Will dispatch Mule events to ajax clients available in Bayeux that are listening to this endpoint.
 class AjaxMessageReceiver
          Registers a receiver service with Bayeux.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.ajax.container

Classes in org.mule.transport.ajax.container that implement Connectable
 class AjaxServletConnector
          A servlet connector that binds to the container and makes a configured Bayeux available to dispatchers and receivers.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.ajax.embedded

Classes in org.mule.transport.ajax.embedded that implement Connectable
 class AjaxConnector
          Creates an 'embedded' Ajax server using Jetty and allows Mule to receiver and send events to browsers.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.ejb

Classes in org.mule.transport.ejb that implement Connectable
 class EjbConnector
          Provides Connection configurstion for EJB endpoints
 class EjbMessageDispatcher
          Invokes a method on an EJB object stored in Jndi.
 class EjbMessageReceiver
          Will repeatedly call a method on an EJB object.

Uses of Connectable in

Classes in that implement Connectable
 class AbstractMailConnector
          Abstract superclass for mail connectors.
 class AbstractRetrieveMailConnector
          Support for connecting to and receiving email from a mailbox (the exact protocol depends on the subclass).
 class AbstractTlsRetrieveMailConnector
          Support for connecting to and receiving email from a secure mailbox (the exact protocol depends on the subclass).
 class GmailSmtpConnector
          This class just sets some extra SMTP properties so it works with GMail.
 class ImapConnector
          Receives messages from an IMAP mailbox
 class ImapsConnector
          Creates a secure IMAP connection
 class Pop3Connector
          Pop3Connector is used to connect and receive mail from a POP3 mailbox.
 class Pop3sConnector
          Creates a secure connection to a POP3 mailbox
 class RetrieveMessageReceiver
          Poll a mailbox for messages, remove the messages and route them as events into Mule.
 class RetrieveMessageRequester
          This dispatcher can only be used to receive message (as opposed to listening for them).
 class SmtpConnector
          SmtpConnector is used to connect to and send data to an SMTP mail server
 class SmtpMessageDispatcher
          SmtpMessageDispatcher will dispatch Mule events as Mime email messages over an SMTP gateway.
 class SmtpsConnector
          Creates a secure SMTP connection

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.file

Classes in org.mule.transport.file that implement Connectable
 class FileConnector
          FileConnector is used for setting up listeners on a directory and for writing files to a directory.
 class FileMessageDispatcher
          FileMessageDispatcher is used to read/write files to the filesystem
 class FileMessageReceiver
          FileMessageReceiver is a polling listener that reads files from a directory.
 class FileMessageRequester
          FileMessageRequester is used to read/write files to the filesystem

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.ftp

Classes in org.mule.transport.ftp that implement Connectable
 class FtpConnector
 class FtpMessageDispatcher
 class FtpMessageReceiver
 class FtpMessageRequester

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.http

Classes in org.mule.transport.http that implement Connectable
 class HttpClientMessageDispatcher
          HttpClientMessageDispatcher dispatches Mule events over HTTP.
 class HttpClientMessageRequester
          Rquests Mule events over HTTP.
 class HttpConnector
          HttpConnector provides a way of receiving and sending http requests and responses.
 class HttpMessageReceiver
          HttpMessageReceiver is a simple http server that can be used to listen for HTTP requests on a particular port.
 class HttpPollingConnector
          The HttpPollingConnectors allows for inbound Http endpoints to be configured with an address which it shall use to poll for a result.
 class HttpsClientMessageDispatcher
 class HttpsConnector
          HttpsConnector provides Secure http connectivity on top of what is already provided with the Mule HttpConnector.
 class HttpsMessageReceiver
 class HttpsPollingConnector
          HttpsPollingConnector provides Secure http connectivity on top of what is already provided with the Mule HttpPollingConnector.
 class PollingHttpMessageReceiver
          Will poll an http URL and use the response as the input for a service request.
 class PollingHttpsMessageReceiver

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.jdbc

Classes in org.mule.transport.jdbc that implement Connectable
 class JdbcConnector
 class JdbcMessageDispatcher
          The Jdbc Message dispatcher is responsible for executing SQL queries against a database.
 class JdbcMessageReceiver
          Implements TransactedPollingMessageReceiver reading data from a database.
 class JdbcMessageRequester

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.jms

Classes in org.mule.transport.jms that implement Connectable
 class JmsConnector
          JmsConnector is a JMS 1.0.2b compliant connector that can be used by a Mule endpoint.
 class JmsMessageDispatcher
          JmsMessageDispatcher is responsible for dispatching messages to JMS destinations.
 class JmsMessageReceiver
          Deprecated. use MultiConsumerJmsMessageReceiver (set by default).
 class JmsMessageRequester
          JmsMessageDispatcher is responsible for dispatching messages to JMS destinations.
 class MultiConsumerJmsMessageReceiver
          In Mule an endpoint corresponds to a single receiver.
 class SingleJmsMessageReceiver
          Registers a single Jms MessageListener for an endpoint
 class TransactedSingleResourceJmsMessageReceiver
 class XaTransactedJmsMessageReceiver

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.jms.activemq

Classes in org.mule.transport.jms.activemq that implement Connectable
 class ActiveMQJmsConnector
          ActiveMQ 4.x-specific JMS connector.
 class ActiveMQXAJmsConnector

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.jms.mulemq

Classes in org.mule.transport.jms.mulemq that implement Connectable
 class MuleMQJmsConnector
 class MuleMQXAJmsConnector

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.jms.weblogic

Classes in org.mule.transport.jms.weblogic that implement Connectable
 class WeblogicJmsConnector
          Weblogic-specific JMS connector.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.jms.websphere

Classes in org.mule.transport.jms.websphere that implement Connectable
 class WebsphereJmsConnector
          Websphere-specific JMS connector.
 class WebsphereTransactedJmsMessageReceiver

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.jnp

Classes in org.mule.transport.jnp that implement Connectable
 class JnpConnector
          JnpConnector uses the Java Naming protocol to bind to remote objects

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.multicast

Classes in org.mule.transport.multicast that implement Connectable
 class MulticastConnector
          MulticastConnector can dispatch mule events using ip multicasting
 class MulticastMessageReceiver

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.polling

Classes in org.mule.transport.polling that implement Connectable
 class MessageProcessorPollingConnector
 class MessageProcessorPollingMessageReceiver

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.quartz

Classes in org.mule.transport.quartz that implement Connectable
 class QuartzConnector
          Creates a connection to a Quartz scheduler.
 class QuartzMessageDispatcher
          Can schedule a Job with the Quartz scheduler.
 class QuartzMessageReceiver
          Listens for Quartz sheduled events using the Receiver Job and fires events to the service associated with this receiver.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.rmi

Classes in org.mule.transport.rmi that implement Connectable
 class RmiCallbackMessageReceiver
 class RmiConnector
          RmiConnector can bind or send to a given RMI port on a given host.
 class RmiMessageDispatcher
          RmiMessageDispatcher will send transformed mule events over RMI-JRMP.
 class RmiMessageReceiver
          Will repeatedly call a method on a Remote object.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.servlet

Classes in org.mule.transport.servlet that implement Connectable
 class ServletConnector
          ServletConnector is a channel adapter between Mule and a servlet engine.
 class ServletMessageReceiver
          ServletMessageReceiver is a receiver that is invoked from a Servlet when an event is received.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.servlet.jetty

Classes in org.mule.transport.servlet.jetty that implement Connectable
 class JettyHttpConnector
          The JettyConnector can be using to embed a Jetty server to receive requests on an http inound endpoint.
 class JettyHttpMessageReceiver
          JettyHttpMessageReceiver is a simple http server that can be used to listen for http requests on a particular port
 class JettyHttpsConnector
          The JettyHttpsConnector can be using to embed a Jetty server to receive requests on an http inbound endpoint.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.sftp

Classes in org.mule.transport.sftp that implement Connectable
 class SftpConnector
          SftpConnector sends and receives file messages over sftp using jsch library Improves on SFTP with VFS Connector in the following ways: 1.
 class SftpMessageDispatcher
          SftpMessageDispatcher dispatches files via sftp to a remote sftp service.
 class SftpMessageReceiver
          SftpMessageReceiver polls and receives files from an sftp service using jsch.
 class SftpMessageRequester
          SftpMessageRequester polls files on request (e.g.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.soap.axis

Classes in org.mule.transport.soap.axis that implement Connectable
 class AxisConnector
          AxisConnector is used to maintain one or more Services for Axis server instance.
 class AxisMessageDispatcher
          AxisMessageDispatcher is used to make soap requests via the Axis soap client.
 class AxisMessageReceiver
          AxisMessageReceiver is used to register a component as a service with a Axis server.
 class AxisMessageRequester
          AxisMessageDispatcher is used to make soap requests via the Axis soap client.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.soap.axis.wsdl

Classes in org.mule.transport.soap.axis.wsdl that implement Connectable
 class AxisWsdlConnector
          TODO document
 class AxisWsdlMessageDispatcher
          Creates and Axis client services from WSDL and invokes it.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.ssl

Classes in org.mule.transport.ssl that implement Connectable
 class SslConnector
          SslConnector provides a connector for SSL connections.
 class SslMessageReceiver
 class TlsConnector
          TlsConnector Provides TLS connections

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.stdio

Classes in org.mule.transport.stdio that implement Connectable
 class PromptStdioConnector
          PromptStdioConnector connects to the System streams in and out by default and add some basic fuctionality for writing out prompt messages.
 class StdioConnector
          StdioConnector can send and receive Mule events over IO streams.
 class StdioMessageDispatcher
          StdioMessageDispatcher is a simple stream dispatcher that obtains a stream from the Stream Connector to write to.
 class StdioMessageReceiver
          StdioMessageReceiver is a listener for events from Mule components which then simply passes the events on to the target components.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.tcp

Classes in org.mule.transport.tcp that implement Connectable
 class ExceptionReturnTcpMessageReceiver
          Extends TcpMessageReceiver providing managing of protocol error conditions.
 class LocalSocketTcpMessageDispatcher
          LocalSocketTcpMessageDispatcher will send transformed Mule events over TCP.
 class PollingTcpConnector
          PollingTcpMessageReceiver acts as a polling TCP connector.
 class PollingTcpMessageReceiver
          PollingTcpMessageReceiver acts like a TCP client polling for new messages.
 class TcpConnector
          TcpConnector can bind or sent to a given TCP port on a given host.
 class TcpMessageDispatcher
          Send transformed Mule events over TCP.
 class TcpMessageReceiver
          TcpMessageReceiver acts like a TCP server to receive socket requests.
 class TcpMessageRequester
          Request transformed Mule events from TCP.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.udp

Classes in org.mule.transport.udp that implement Connectable
 class UdpConnector
          UdpConnector can send and receive Mule events as Datagram packets.
 class UdpMessageDispatcher
          UdpMessageDispatcher is responsible for dispatching MuleEvents as UDP packets on the network
 class UdpMessageReceiver
          UdpMessageReceiver receives UDP message packets.
 class UdpMessageRequester
          Responsible for requesting MuleEvents as UDP packets on the network

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.vm

Classes in org.mule.transport.vm that implement Connectable
 class VMConnector
          VMConnector A simple endpoint wrapper to allow a Mule service to

be accessed from an endpoint

 class VMMessageDispatcher
          VMMessageDispatcher is used for providing in memory interaction between components.
 class VMMessageReceiver
          VMMessageReceiver is a listener for events from a Mule service which then simply passes the events on to the target service.
 class VMMessageRequester
          VMMessageDispatcher is used for providing in memory interaction between components.

Uses of Connectable in org.mule.transport.xmpp

Classes in org.mule.transport.xmpp that implement Connectable
 class XmppConnector
          XmppConnector represents a connection to a Jabber server.
 class XmppMessageDispatcher
          Allows Mule events to be sent over Xmpp
 class XmppMessageReceiver
          XmppMessageReceiver is responsible for receiving Mule events over XMPP.
 class XmppMessageRequester
          Allows Mule messages to be received over XMPP
 class XmppPollingMessageReceiver

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