Class SimpleConfigurationBuilder

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public class SimpleConfigurationBuilder
extends AbstractConfigurationBuilder

This simple ConfgurationBuilder implementation. This is useful for registering any Map of objects with the Registry via the ConfigurationBuilder interface. This is useful for example for the registration of "startup properties" which are provided at startup and then used to fill "property placeholders" in other configuration mechanisms such as XML.

Field Summary
protected  Map objects
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configured, logger
Constructor Summary
SimpleConfigurationBuilder(Map objects)
Method Summary
protected  void doConfigure(MuleContext muleContext)
          Will configure a MuleContext based on the configuration provided.
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applyLifecycle, configure, isConfigured
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Field Detail


protected Map objects
Constructor Detail


public SimpleConfigurationBuilder(Map objects)
Method Detail


protected void doConfigure(MuleContext muleContext)
                    throws Exception
Description copied from class: AbstractConfigurationBuilder
Will configure a MuleContext based on the configuration provided. The configuration will be set on the ConfigurationBuilder implementation as bean properties before this method has been called.

Specified by:
doConfigure in class AbstractConfigurationBuilder
muleContext - The current MuleContext
ConfigurationException - if the configuration fails i.e. an object cannot be created or initialised properly

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