Package org.mule.config

Providers Mule Xml configuration support and general configuration classes.


Interface Summary
AnnotationsParserFactory Defines a common interface to find all Endpoint annotation parsers for a context.

Class Summary
AnnotationsConfigurationBuilder Enables Mule annotation processing so that annotated objects registered with the Mule registry will automatically be configured.
ChainedThreadingProfile This was written (perhaps too far in advance) with an eye to how we will manage default values in a dynamic environment.
ConfigResource A ConfigResource holds the url description (or location) and the url stream.
DefaultExceptionReader This is the default exception reader used if there is no specific one registered for the current exception.
DefaultMuleConfiguration Configuration info.
ExceptionHelper ExceptionHelper provides a number of helper functions that can be useful for dealing with Mule exceptions.
MuleExceptionReader Grabs all information from the MuleException type
MuleManifest This is a static class that provides access to the Mule core manifest file.
MutableThreadingProfile Partial mutability for a threading profile.
PoolingProfile PoolingProfile is a configuration object used to define the object pooling parameters for the service it is associated with.
PreferredObjectSelector<T> Selects a preferred object from a collection of instances of the same type based on the weight of the Preferred annotation.
QueueProfile QueueProfile determines how an internal queue for a service will behave
StartupContext A class holding cross-cutting startup info.

Annotation Types Summary
Preferred Provides a means to give preference to an SPI implementation over others.

Package org.mule.config Description

Providers Mule Xml configuration support and general configuration classes.

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