Package org.mule.config.spring

Support claases for Load Mule from Spring.


Class Summary
ExpressionEvaluatorPostProcessor Registers custom declarative expression evaluators configured via Spring config.
MissingParserProblemReporter A very simple extension to FailFastProblemReporter that intercepts errors related to missing definition parsers to give a more helpful message.
MuleApplicationContext MuleApplicationContext is a simple extension application context that allows resources to be loaded from the Classpath of file system using the MuleBeanDefinitionReader.
MuleBeanDefinitionDocumentReader Allows us to hook in our own Hierarchical Parser delegate.
MuleConfigurationConfigurator This class is a "SmartFactoryBean" which allows a few XML attributes to be set on the otherwise read-only MuleConfiguration.
MuleContextPostProcessor Responsible for passing in the MuleContext instance for all objects in the registry that want it.
MuleHierarchicalBeanDefinitionParserDelegate This parser enables Mule to parse heirarchical bean structures using spring Namespace handling There are 4 base DefinitionParsers supplied in Mule that most Parsers will extend from, these are AbstractChildDefinitionParser AbstractMuleBeanDefinitionParser ChildDefinitionParser MuleOrphanDefinitionParser
MuleResourceLoader MuleResourceLoader is a custom Spring resource loader that calls standard Mule methods for loading resource files.
NotificationListenersPostProcessor Responsible for passing in the MuleContext instance for all objects in the registry that want it.
SpringConfigurationBuilder Adds an existing Spring ApplicationContext to Mule's internal collection of Registries.
SpringXmlConfigurationBuilder SpringXmlConfigurationBuilder enables Mule to be configured from a Spring XML Configuration file used with Mule name-spaces.

Package org.mule.config.spring Description

Support claases for Load Mule from Spring. For Mule 2.0 you can load a Mule instance either from the new Mule Namespace aware configuration, Spring beans or Mule 1.x Xml configuration.

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