Package org.mule.config.spring.parsers.assembly.configuration

Interface Summary
PropertyConfiguration This collects together various constraints/rewrites that can be applied to attributes.
ValueMap Allow arbitrary processing of a value

Class Summary
Conventions Overloads the Spring Conventions class, specifically the Conventions.attributeNameToPropertyName(String) Method to evaluate the first character of the attribute name and ignore if it is upper case since this is not valid Bean notation and Mule uses upper case to signify a non-bean attribute name.
ListValueMap Be careful - this doesn't work with endpoint properties because they need to be converted to a URI.
ReusablePropertyConfiguration Allow initial mutation; first call of reset stores values as reference and allows further temporary mutation; further calls to reset return to reference.
SimplePropertyConfiguration A direct implementation of PropertyConfiguration
TempWrapperPropertyConfiguration Wrap a PropertyConfiguration so that changes are kept in the wrapper

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