Package org.mule.config.spring.parsers.delegate

Class Summary
AbstractDelegatingDefinitionParser This allows a definition parsers to be dynamically represented by different definition parsers, depending on the context.
AbstractFirstResultSerialDefinitionParser Extend AbstractSerialDelegatingDefinitionParser to return the first definition as the final result
AbstractParallelDelegatingDefinitionParser This allows a definition parsers to be dynamically represented by one instance selected from a set of parsers, depending on the context.
AbstractPluggableDelegate Support for extending a MuleDefinitionParser without needing to subclass.
AbstractSerialDelegatingDefinitionParser This allows a set of definition parsers to be used, one after another, to process the same element.
AbstractSingleParentFamilyDefinitionParser This allows several parsers to be used on a single element, creating a parent bean with the first parser and then extending that with child parsers.
AllAttributeChildDefinitionParser This is a very hurried demonstration.
AttributeSelectionDefinitionParser Select sub parser depending on presence of a particular attribute
InheritDefinitionParser This encapsulates two definition parsers - orphan and named - and returns the named definition parser if the "inherit" attribute is set.
MapDefinitionParserMutator This changes a ChildDefinitionParser so that it generates a map instead of a bean definition.
ParentContextDefinitionParser This encapsulates several definition parsers, selected depending on the parent element in the DOM.

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