Package org.mule.config.spring.parsers.generic

General support for bean construction.


Interface Summary
WrappingChildDefinitionParser.WrappingController Determines whether to wrap the child based on the where it appears in the DOM.

Class Summary
ChildDefinitionParser Creates a definition parser that will construct a single child element and inject it into the parent object (the enclosing XML element).
DescendentDefinitionParser An extension to ChildDefinitionParser which recurses up the DOM tree until it finds a named parent.
GrandchildDefinitionParser Same as ChildDefinitionParser but injects the child element into the grandparent object (2 levels up in the XML tree).
MuleOrphanDefinitionParser A parser for direct children of the element.
NamedDefinitionParser Behaves as ParentDefinitionParser, but allows any named bean to be the parent, rather than using the enclosing element in the DOM tree.
NameTransferDefinitionParser This extends ParentDefinitionParser so that the "name" attribute is set locally, not on the parent.
OptionalChildDefinitionParser This class should be used when the same element can be configured as a child or an orphan (i.e., top-level).
OrphanDefinitionParser Contructs a single, standalone bean from an element - it is not injected into any other object.
ParentDefinitionParser Processes child property elements in Xml but sets the properties on the parent object.
TextDefinitionParser Grabs the text from an element and injects it into the parent, for example: A bunch of text. registerBeanDefinitionParser("foo", new OrphanDefinitionParser(Foo.class)); registerBeanDefinitionParser("bar-text", new TextDefinitionParser("barText")); will result in a call to Foo.setBarText("A bunch of text.")
WrappingChildDefinitionParser A child definition parser that wraps the child object

Package org.mule.config.spring.parsers.generic Description

General support for bean construction.

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