Package org.mule.construct

Class Summary
AbstractConfigurationPattern A template class for configuration patterns, which takes care of setting common message processors and optional transformers defined on the pattern.
AbstractFlowConstruct Abstract implementation of FlowConstruct that: Is constructed with unique name and MuleContext.
AbstractPipeline Abstract implementation of AbstractFlowConstruct that allows a list of AbstractPipeline.ProcessIfPipelineStartedMessageProcessors that will be used to process messages to be configured.
Bridge A simple bridge between a single inbound endpoint and a single outbound endpoint.
Flow This implementation of AbstractPipeline adds the following functionality: Rejects inbound events when Flow is not started Gathers statistics and processing time data Implements MessagePorcessor allowing direct invocation of the pipeline Supports the optional configuration of a ProcessingStrategy that determines how message processors are processed.
FlowConstructLifecycleManager The lifecycle manager responsible for managing lifecycle transitions for a Mule service.
SimpleService In-out SOA-style simple service, with no outbound router.

Enum Summary

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