Package org.mule.context.notification

Internal server notification types fired via the MuleManager.


Class Summary
ClusterNodeNotification Notifies when there are a cluster node event
ComponentMessageNotification These notifications are fired when before and after a service component is invoked.
ConnectionNotification Is fired by a connector when a connection is made or disconnected.
CustomNotification CustomNotification Custom notifications can be used by components and other objects such as routers, transformers, agents, etc to communicate a change of state to each other.
EndpointMessageNotification These notifications are fired when either a message is either: received by an endpoint, sent or dispatched from an endpoint or requested from an endpoint.
ExceptionNotification This class is from Mule 2.2.5.
FlowConstructNotification FlowConstructNotification is fired when an event such as the flow construct starting occurs.
ListenerSubscriptionPair A simple tuple that stores a listener with an optional subscription (used to match a resource ID).
ManagementNotification ManagementNotification is fired when monitored resources such as internal queues reach capacity
ModelNotification ModelNotification is fired when an event such as the model starting occurs.
MuleContextNotification MuleContextNotification is fired when an event such as the mule context starting occurs.
OptimisedNotificationHandler Optimized to make a quick decision on a particular class of messages.
RegistryNotification RegistryNotification is fired when an event such as a Registry being started occurs.
RoutingNotification Is fired by routers.
SecurityNotification SecurityNotification is fired when a request for authorisation failed.
ServerNotificationManager A reworking of the event manager that allows efficient behaviour without global on/off switches in the config.
ServiceNotification ServiceNotification is fired when an event such as the service starting occurs.

Exception Summary
NotificationException Thrown by the ServerNotification Manager if unrecognised listeners or events are passed to the manager

Package org.mule.context.notification Description

Internal server notification types fired via the MuleManager.

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