Package org.mule.endpoint.outbound

Class Summary
OutboundEndpointMimeTypeCheckingMessageProcessor Verify that the outbound mime type is acceptable by this endpoint.
OutboundEndpointPropertyMessageProcessor Sets the outbound endpoint uri on as a property of the message using the following key: MuleProperties.MULE_ENDPOINT_PROPERTY.
OutboundNotificationMessageProcessor Publishes a EndpointMessageNotification's when a message is sent or dispatched.
OutboundResponsePropertiesMessageProcessor Propagates properties from request message to response message as defined by OutboundEndpoint.getResponseProperties().
OutboundRootMessageIdPropertyMessageProcessor Sets the outbound root message id on as a property of the message using the following key: MuleProperties.MULE_ROOT_MESSAGE_ID_PROPERTY.
OutboundSessionHandlerMessageProcessor Stores session information on the outbound message.
OutboundTxRollbackMessageProcessor MessageProcessor implementation that stops outbound flow is the current transaction has been rolled back.

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