Package org.mule.example.errorhandler

Interface Summary
ExceptionHandler ExceptionHandler TODO (document class)

Class Summary
AbstractExceptionHandler AbstractExceptionListener TODO (document class)
BusinessErrorManager The BusinessErrorManager is a Service that processes exceptions of type org.mule.example.errorhandler.exceptions.BusinessException.
ErrorManager ErrorManager TODO (document class)
ErrorMessage The ErrorMessage represents an exception.
ErrorMessageToException The ErrorMessageToException transformer extracts and returns the exception encapsulated by the ErrorMessage message payload.
ErrorMessageToExceptionBean The ErrorMessageToExceptionBean transformer returns the exception bean encapsulated by the ErrorMessage message payload.
ExceptionBean The ExceptionBean is a POJO representing the details of a Throwable
LocaleMessage LocaleMessage is a convenience interface for retrieving internationalised strings from resource bundles.

Exception Summary

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