Package org.mule.example.hello

Class Summary
ChatString ChatString TODO (document class)
ChatStringToString NameStringToChatString is a dummy transformer used in the hello world application to transform the ChatString object into a string.
ChitChatter ChitChatter TODO (document class)
ExceptionToString ExceptionToString converts an exception to a String, returning the exception's getMessage() result.
Greeter Greeter expects a valid NameString object.
LocaleMessage LocaleMessage is a convenience interface for retrieving internationalised strings from resource bundles.
NameString NameString is a simple string wrapper that holds a name and a greeting string
NameStringToChatString NameStringToChatString converts from a NameString object to a ChatString object.
StdinToNameString The transformation removes break-lines and newlines from the string, which potentially could have been added during a stdin input operation.
StringToNameString StringToNameString converts from a String to a NameString object.

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