Package org.mule.exception

Class Summary
AbstractExceptionListener This is the base class for exception strategies which contains several helper methods.
AbstractExceptionStrategy Deprecated. use AbstractExceptionListener
AbstractMessagingExceptionStrategy Fire a notification, log exception, increment statistics, route the problematic message to a destination if one is configured (DLQ pattern), commit or rollback transaction if one exists, close any open streams.
AbstractSystemExceptionStrategy Fire a notification, log exception, clean up transaction if any, and trigger reconnection strategy if this is a ConnectException.
ChoiceMessagingExceptionStrategy Selects which exception strategy to execute based on filtering.
DefaultMessagingExceptionStrategy This is the default exception handler for flows and services.
DefaultServiceExceptionStrategy Deprecated. use DefaultMessagingExceptionStrategy instead
DefaultSystemExceptionStrategy This is the default exception handler for any exception which does not inherit from MessagingException, i.e, when no message is in play.
MessagingExceptionStrategyAcceptorDelegate Allows to use MessagingExceptionHandler as MessagingExceptionHandlerAcceptor.

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