Package org.mule.lifecycle

Class Summary
AbstractLifecycleManager<O> This is a base implementation of the LifecycleManager interface and provides almost all the plumbing required to write a LifecycleManager implementation.
DefaultLifecycleState A safe facade for lifecycle manager that objects can use to monitor its own state
EmptyLifecycleCallback<O> A lifecycle callback that does nothing.
MuleContextLifecycleManager This is a specialized class that extends RegistryLifecycleManager and will invoke lifecycle on the registry instance for the MuleContext.
NotificationLifecycleObject TODO
SimpleLifecycleManager<O> This LifecycleManager implementation is designed to track the lifecycle of objects that support the Initialisable.PHASE_NAME, Startable.PHASE_NAME, Stoppable.PHASE_NAME and Disposable.PHASE_NAME phases and adds convenience methods for firing these phases by callbacks.

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