Package org.mule.model.resolvers

Class Summary
AbstractArgumentEntryPointResolver A base class that allows implementing resolvers to define what parameters it is expecting.
AbstractEntryPointResolver A Base class for EntryPointResolver.
ArrayEntryPointResolver Will resolver entry point methods on a service service that accept a single array.
CallableEntryPointResolver An entry-point resolver that only allows Service objects that implement the Callable interface
DefaultEntryPointResolverSet Provides the default implementation of an EntryPointResolverSet It resolves a method to call on the given service when an event is received.
ExplicitMethodEntryPointResolver An Entry-point resolver that allows the user to set one or more acceptable method names to look for.
LegacyEntryPointResolverSet An EntryPointResolverSet that mimics the behaviour of the Mule 1.x DynamicEntryPointResolver.
MethodHeaderPropertyEntryPointResolver This resolver will look for a MuleProperties.MULE_METHOD_PROPERTY property on the incoming event to determine which method to invoke Users can customise the name of the property used to look up the method name on the event
NoArgumentsEntryPointResolver Allows for arguments with no parameters to be called.
ReflectionEntryPointResolver ReflectEntryPointResolver is used to determine the entry point on a service after an event has been received for it.

Exception Summary
EntryPointNotFoundException Tis exception gets thrown by the DefaultEntryPointResolverSet if after trying all entrypointResolvers it cannot fin the entrypoint on the service service
NoSatisfiableMethodsException NoSatisfiableMethodsException is thrown by EntryPointResolvers when the service passed has no methods that meet the criteria of the configured EntryPointResolver.
TooManySatisfiableMethodsException TooManySatisfiableMethodsException is thrown by EntryPointResolvers when the service passed has more than one method that meets the criteria of the configured EntryPointResolver.

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