Package org.mule.module.cxf.builder

Class Summary
AbstractClientMessageProcessorBuilder An abstract builder for non proxy clients.
AbstractInboundMessageProcessorBuilder An abstract builder for CXF services.
JaxWsClientMessageProcessorBuilder Builds a JAX-WS client based CxfOutboundMessageProcessor.
LocalClientMessageProcessorBuilder This builder uses a service that is already configured to build a CXF client and it's corresponding MessageProcessor.
ProxyClientMessageProcessorBuilder Creates an outbound proxy based on a specially configure CXF Client.
ProxyServiceMessageProcessorBuilder Creates an inbound proxy based on a specially configure CXF Server.
WebServiceMessageProcessorBuilder Builds a CXF web service MessageProcessor using either the JAX-WS or simple frontends.
WsdlClientMessageProcessorBuilder Builds an outbound CXF MessageProcessor based on a WSDL using CXF's DynamicClientFactory.

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