Package org.mule.module.cxf

Interface Summary
SoapConstants Common SOAP constants

Class Summary
CxfComponentExceptionStrategy Deprecated. Currently the result is the same if no exception strategy is defined within the flow.
CxfConfiguration Provides global CXF configuration defaults.
CxfInboundMessageProcessor The CxfInboundMessageProcessor performs inbound CXF processing, sending an event through the CXF service, then on to the next MessageProcessor.
CxfOutboundMessageProcessor The CxfOutboundMessageProcessor performs outbound CXF processing, sending an event through the CXF client, then on to the next MessageProcessor.
MuleInvoker Invokes a Mule Service via a CXF binding.
MuleSoapHeaders MuleSoapHeaders is a helper class for extracting and writing Mule header properties to s Soap message
WSProxyService This class is implemented to act as a Proxy for a Web Service.

Enum Summary
CxfPayloadToArguments This enum defines the strategies to convert a Payload to an array of arguments that will be used to call the webservice in CxfOutboundMessageProcessor.doSendWithClient(org.mule.api.MuleEvent) and in CxfOutboundMessageProcessor.doSendWithProxy(org.mule.api.MuleEvent).

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