Class AbstractMuleGuiceModule

  extended by
      extended by org.mule.module.guice.AbstractMuleGuiceModule
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public abstract class AbstractMuleGuiceModule

A mule specific Guice module that allows users to override the configureMuleContext(org.mule.api.MuleContext) method to do any Mule configuration such as register notifications. Most users will not need to override this method so the AbstractModule can be used.

Note that Mule objects such as Connectors and Agents can be registered in a Guice module too. To do this create provider methods on a module and mark with the Provides annotation.

Its recommended that you put all your Mule configuration objects in a separate Guice module.

Field Summary
protected  MuleContext muleContext
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void configureMuleContext(MuleContext muleContext)
protected  EndpointBuilder createEndpointBuilder(String uri)
          Creates an EndpointBuilder instance for the endpoint uri.
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Field Detail


protected MuleContext muleContext
Constructor Detail


public AbstractMuleGuiceModule()
Method Detail


public void configureMuleContext(MuleContext muleContext)


protected EndpointBuilder createEndpointBuilder(String uri)
                                         throws MuleException
Creates an EndpointBuilder instance for the endpoint uri. The builder can be used to add further configuration options and then used to create either OutboundEndpoint or InboundEndpoint instances.

uri - the address URI for the endpoint
and EndpointBuilder instance that can be used to create endpoints
MuleException - if the builder cannot be created for any reason

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