Package org.mule.module.ibeans.config

Class Summary
AbstractAnnotationConfigurationBuilder Provides implementation support for configuration builders that configure Mule by scanning annotations on the classpath.
CallAnnotationParser The parser responsible for parsing Call annotations.
CallInterfaceBinding An instance of a binding that matches iBean method name with an endpoint to invoke.
IBeanBinding TODO
IBeanFlowConstruct This is an empty flow construct that is used to host an iBean as a component with one or more component bindings.
IBeanHolder Holds a reference to an iBeans class in the registry.
IBeanHolderConfigurationBuilder A configuration builder that registers iBean objects on the classpath with the Mule registry.
IBeansLoader Responsible for discovering and loading available iBeans into the registry.
InvokeExpressionEvaluator TODO
MockIntegrationBeansAnnotationProcessor Will process any fields on an object with the MockIntegrationBean annotation, inserting a Mockito Mock object.

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