Package org.mule.module.ibeans.spi

Class Summary
ErrorExpressionFilter An implementation of a ErrorFilter that allows for error filter expressions to be configured on an iBean
ExpressionErrorFilterFactory An expression filter factory that can build filters for the following annotations ExpressionErrorFilter, XmlErrorFilter, AtomErrorFilter, RssErrorFilter, and JsonErrorFilter
MuleCallAnnotationHandler Used to Handle Call annotated method calls.
MuleExpressionParser Implementation exposes the Mule ExpressionManager to evaluate expressions in Call and Template annotations
MuleIBeansPlugin The entry-point for Mule to integrate with IBeans
MuleMockCallAnnotationHandler A handler for supporting the MockIntegrationBean annotation.
MuleRequestMessage An implementation of an IBeans Request that adapts to a MuleMessage
MuleResponseMessage An implementation of an IBeans Response that adapts to a MuleMessage
MuleResponseTransformInterceptor An interceptor used to process the Return annotation.

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