Class DynamicRequestInterfaceBinding

  extended by org.mule.component.DefaultInterfaceBinding
      extended by
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
InterfaceBinding, MessageProcessor

public class DynamicRequestInterfaceBinding
extends DefaultRequestInterfaceBinding

Creates an component binding that can use the MessageRequester interface to make a call. The need for this class is that the MessageRequester has no support for passing an MuleMessage so this binding will set the message on the endpoint and use it when the request is made

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logger, outboundRouter
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 MuleEvent process(MuleEvent event)
          This method is responsible for routing the Message via the MuleSession.
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Constructor Detail


public DynamicRequestInterfaceBinding()
Method Detail


public MuleEvent process(MuleEvent event)
                  throws MessagingException
Description copied from interface: InterfaceBinding
This method is responsible for routing the Message via the MuleSession. The logic for this method will change for each type of router depending on expected behaviour. For example, a MulticastingRouter might just iterate through the list of assoaciated endpoints sending the message. Another type of router such as the ExceptionBasedRouter will hit the first endpoint, if it fails try the second, and so on. Most router implementations will extends the FilteringOutboundRouter which implements all the common logic need for a router.

Specified by:
process in interface InterfaceBinding
Specified by:
process in interface MessageProcessor
process in class DefaultInterfaceBinding
event - MuleEvent to be processed
a result message if any from the invocation. If the endpoint bound has a one-way exchange pattern configured a null result will always be returned.
MessagingException - if any errors occur during the sending of messages
See Also:
FilteringOutboundRouter, ExceptionBasedRouter, MulticastingRouter

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