Class ConfigChangeMonitorThreadFactory

  extended by org.mule.module.launcher.ConfigChangeMonitorThreadFactory
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ConfigChangeMonitorThreadFactory
extends Object
implements ThreadFactory

A slightly tweaked default thread factory that uses the following pattern: [%s].config.change.%d.thread.%d, where %s stands for application name, the next number will tell one how many redeployments this app had during this container's lifetime and the last digit, thread count, should always be 1. Left there for debugging purposes to quickly locate any duplicate threads trying to perform a redeploy.

Constructor Summary
ConfigChangeMonitorThreadFactory(String appName)
Method Summary
 Thread newThread(Runnable r)
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Constructor Detail


public ConfigChangeMonitorThreadFactory(String appName)
Method Detail


public Thread newThread(Runnable r)
Specified by:
newThread in interface ThreadFactory

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