Class GroovyExpressionEvaluator

  extended by org.mule.module.scripting.expression.AbstractScriptExpressionEvaluator
      extended by org.mule.module.scripting.expression.GroovyExpressionEvaluator
All Implemented Interfaces:
MuleContextAware, ExpressionEvaluator, Disposable, NamedObject

public class GroovyExpressionEvaluator
extends AbstractScriptExpressionEvaluator

An ExpressionEvaluator that allows the user to define Groovy expressions to extract data from the current message. If a POJO is passed in it is accessible from the 'payload' namespace. If a MuleMessage instance is used then it is accessible from the message' namespace and the 'payload' namespace is also available.

Field Summary
static String NAME
Fields inherited from class org.mule.module.scripting.expression.AbstractScriptExpressionEvaluator
cache, muleContext
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String getName()
          Gets the name of the object
Methods inherited from class org.mule.module.scripting.expression.AbstractScriptExpressionEvaluator
dispose, evaluate, getScript, setMuleContext
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


public static final String NAME
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Constructor Detail


public GroovyExpressionEvaluator()
Method Detail


public String getName()
Gets the name of the object

the name of the object

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