Package org.mule.module.xml.transformer

Xml and Xslt Transformer implementations.


Interface Summary
AbstractXmlTransformer.ResultHolder Result callback interface used when processing XML through JAXP
DelayedResult A result type which delays writing until something further down stream can setup the underlying output result.

Class Summary
AbstractXmlTransformer AbstractXmlTransformer offers some XSLT transform on a DOM (or other XML-ish) object.
AbstractXStreamTransformer AbstractXStreamTransformer is a base class for all XStream based transformers.
DomDocumentToXml DomDocumentToXml Transform a org.w3c.dom.Document to XML String
JXPathExtractor The JXPathExtractor is a simple transformer that evaluates an xpath expression against the given bean and that returns the result.
ObjectToXml ObjectToXml converts any object to XML using Xstream.
XmlToDomDocument XmlToDomDocument transforms a XML String to org.w3c.dom.Document.
XmlToObject XmlToObject converts xml created by the ObjectToXml transformer in to a java object graph.
XPathExtractor Simple transformer for using the JAXP XPath library to extract an XPath value from an XPath expression.
XQueryTransformer The XQuery Module gives users the ability to perform XQuery transformations on XML messages in Mule
XsltTransformer XsltTransformer performs an XSLT transform on a DOM (or other XML-ish) object.
XStreamFactory Initializes the XStream utility for converting Objects to XML and XML to Objects.

Enum Summary
XPathExtractor.ResultType Result type.

Package org.mule.module.xml.transformer Description

Xml and Xslt Transformer implementations.

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