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Uses of AsynchronousProcessingStrategy in org.mule.construct.flow

Subclasses of AsynchronousProcessingStrategy in org.mule.construct.flow
 class DefaultFlowProcessingStrategy
          This processing strategy uses the 'queued-asynchronous' strategy where possible, but if an event is synchronous it processes it synchronously rather than failing.

Uses of AsynchronousProcessingStrategy in org.mule.processor.strategy

Subclasses of AsynchronousProcessingStrategy in org.mule.processor.strategy
 class QueuedAsynchronousProcessingStrategy
          This strategy uses a QueueManager to decouple receipt and processing of messages.
 class QueuedThreadPerProcessorProcessingStrategy
          This strategy uses the QueueManager to decouple the processing of each message processor.
 class ThreadPerProcessorProcessingStrategy
          This strategy uses a WorkManager to schedule the processing of each message processors in a new worker thread.

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