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Packages that use MessageSequence
org.mule.routing Defines the core routing patterns supported by mule. 
org.mule.routing.outbound Outbound router implementation as described in the Enterprise Integration Patterns book. 

Uses of MessageSequence in org.mule.routing

Classes in org.mule.routing that implement MessageSequence
 class AbstractMessageSequence<PayloadType>
          An abstract implementation of a MessageSequence, that does not support AbstractMessageSequence.remove()

Methods in org.mule.routing that return MessageSequence
protected  MessageSequence<?> CollectionSplitter.splitMessageIntoSequence(MuleEvent event)
protected  MessageSequence<?> AbstractSplitter.splitMessageIntoSequence(MuleEvent event)

Uses of MessageSequence in org.mule.routing.outbound

Classes in org.mule.routing.outbound that implement MessageSequence
 class ArrayMessageSequence
 class CollectionMessageSequence<T>
          A MessageSequence that retrieves elements from a Collection.
 class IteratorMessageSequence<T>
          A MessageSequence that delegates its IteratorMessageSequence.hasNext() and methods to an Iterator, and has no estimated size
 class PartitionedMessageSequence<Q>
          A MessageSequence wrapper that partitions the wrapped sequence in collections of the specified size.

Methods in org.mule.routing.outbound that return MessageSequence
protected abstract  MessageSequence<?> AbstractMessageSequenceSplitter.splitMessageIntoSequence(MuleEvent event)
          Converts the event into a MessageSequence that will retrieve each of the event elements

Methods in org.mule.routing.outbound with parameters of type MessageSequence
protected  List<MuleEvent> AbstractMessageSequenceSplitter.processParts(MessageSequence<?> seq, MuleEvent originalEvent)

Constructors in org.mule.routing.outbound with parameters of type MessageSequence
PartitionedMessageSequence(MessageSequence<Q> seq, int groupSize)

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