Package org.mule.routing

Defines the core routing patterns supported by mule.


Interface Summary
MessageSequence<T> A sequence of messages

Class Summary
AbstractAggregator AbstractEventAggregator will aggregate a set of messages into a single message.
AbstractCatchAllStrategy RouterCatchAllStrategy is a strategy interface that allows developers to hook in custom code when an event is being routed on the inbound or outbound but does not match any of the criteria defined for the routing.
AbstractCorrelationAggregator AbstractCorrelationAggregatingMessageProcessor uses the CorrelationID and CorrelationGroupSize properties of the MuleMessage to manage message groups.
AbstractMatchingRouter AbstractRouterCollection provides common method implementations of router collections for in and outbound routers.
AbstractMessageSequence<PayloadType> An abstract implementation of a MessageSequence, that does not support AbstractMessageSequence.remove()
AbstractSplitter Splits a message invoking the next message processor one for each split part.
ChoiceRouter Routes the event to a singleMessageProcessor using a Filter to evaluate the event being processed and find the first route that can be used.
CollectionSplitter Splits a message that has a Collection, Iterable, MessageSequence or Iterator payload invoking the next message processor one for each item in it.
DefaultRouterResultsHandler The default results handler for all outbound endpoint.
EventGroup EventGroup is a holder over events grouped by a common group Id.
EventProcessingThread A thread that detects and processes events.
ExpressionMessageInfoMapping TODO
ExpressionSplitter Splits a message using the expression provided invoking the next message processor one for each split part.
FirstSuccessful FirstSuccessful routes an event to the first target route that can accept it without throwing or returning an exception.
Foreach ` * The Foreach MessageProcessor allows iterating over a collection payload, or any collection obtained by an expression, generating a message for each element.
ForwardingCatchAllStrategy ForwardingCatchAllStrategy acts as a catch and forward router for any events not caught by the router this strategy is associated with.
IdempotentMessageFilter IdempotentMessageFilter ensures that only unique messages are passed on.
IdempotentSecureHashMessageFilter IdempotentSecureHashMessageFilter ensures that only unique messages are received by a service.
LoggingCatchAllStrategy LoggingCatchAllStrategy is a simple strategy that only logs any events not caught by the router associated with this strategy.
MapSplitter Splits a message that has a map payload invoking the next message processor one for each item in the map in order.
MessageChunkSplitter A router that breaks up the current message onto smaller parts and sends them to the same destination.
MessageFilter Implementation of InterceptingMessageProcessor that filters message flow using a Filter.
MessageProcessorFilterPair A holder for a pair of MessageProcessor and Filter.
MuleMessageInfoMapping A simple facade implementation of MessageInfoMapping that simply grabs the message information from the MuleMessage untouched.
Resequencer Resequencer is used to resequence events according to their dispatch sequence in the correlation group.
RoundRobin RoundRobin divides the messages it receives among its target routes in round-robin fashion.
ServiceCatchAllStrategy Deprecated.  
SimpleCollectionAggregator This router will return all aggregated events as a MuleMessageCollection.
UntilSuccessful UntilSuccessful attempts to route a message to the message processor it contains in an asynchronous manner.
WireTap The WireTap MessageProcessor allows inspection of messages in a flow.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
AggregationException TODO document

Package org.mule.routing Description

Defines the core routing patterns supported by mule. This package contains inbound/outbound routers as described in the Enterprise Integration Patterns book and filters.

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