Package org.mule.tck.functional

Helper classes and interfaces used by Mule fnctional tests.


Interface Summary
EventCallback The scope of the MuleEvent Callback is to be able to get a the message currently being processed by the FunctionalTestComponent and make assertions on the message payload, headers or attachments or to make changes required for the test.
FunctionalTestNotificationListener By implementing this listener interface and registering the object with the MuleContext.registerListener(ServerNotificationListener) You can receive FunctionalTestNotifications from the FunctionalTestComponent.
Receiveable Interface only to be used by the FunctionalTestComponent.

Class Summary
CounterCallback A test callback that counts the number of messages received.
FunctionalStreamingTestComponent A service that can be used by streaming functional tests.
FunctionalTestComponent FunctionalTestComponent is a service that can be used by functional tests.
FunctionalTestNotification A FunctionlTestNotification is fired by the FunctionalTestComponent when it receives an event.
QuietExceptionStrategy Restrict exceptions to debug log messages
ResponseWriterCallback A test callback that writes the results of a service invocation to the response output stream of the event This should only be used when testing Asynchronous calls with the FunctionalTestComponent otherwise you will get duplicate messages, since both this class and the FunctionalTestComponent will write a return message back to the callee.
TransactionalFunctionalTestComponent This service is useful for unit tests involving transactionality because it will roll back the current transaction upon message arrival.

Package org.mule.tck.functional Description

Helper classes and interfaces used by Mule fnctional tests. These include test components and callback interfaces.

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