Package org.mule.transaction

Contains the core transaction support classes and exception types.


Interface Summary
TransactionCollection Marks a collection of transactions, e.g.

Class Summary
AbstractSingleResourceTransaction This abstract class can be used as a base class for transactions that can enlist only one resource (such as a JMS session or JDBC connection).
AbstractTransaction This base class provides low level features for transactions.
ExternalXaTransaction ExternalXaTransaction represents an external XA transaction in Mule.

MuleTransactionConfig defines transaction configuration for a transactional endpoint.

XaTransaction XaTransaction represents an XA transaction in Mule.
XaTransactionFactory XaTransactionFactory Is used to create/retrieve a Transaction from a transaction manager configured on the MuleManager.

Exception Summary
IllegalTransactionStateException IllegalTransactionStateException TODO (document class)
TransactionInProgressException TransactionInProgressException is thrown if a new transaction is started when there is one already in progress.
TransactionNotInProgressException TransactionNotInProgressException TODO (document class)

Package org.mule.transaction Description

Contains the core transaction support classes and exception types.

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