Interface ConverterFilter

All Known Implementing Classes:
CompositeConverterFilter, NameConverterFilter, PriorityWeightingConverterFilter, TransformationLengthConverterFilter

public interface ConverterFilter

Provides a way to filter a converters during the process of transformer resolution for a given source and result data types.

Method Summary
 List<Converter> filter(List<Converter> converters, DataType<?> source, DataType<?> result)
          Filters a list of converters

Method Detail


List<Converter> filter(List<Converter> converters,
                       DataType<?> source,
                       DataType<?> result)
Filters a list of converters

converters - converters to filter
source - source data type being resolved
result - result data type being resolved
a non null list of converters that match the specified criteria

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