Package org.mule.transport.jdbc

Provides jdbc transport.


Class Summary
ColumnAliasRowProcessor Processes a row from a ResultSet using the column labels instead of the column names.
ExtendedQueryRunner An extended version of the Query runner that supports query timeouts
JdbcEndpointURIBuilder Parses a JDBC style endpoint to a MuleEndpointURI
JdbcMessageDispatcher The Jdbc Message dispatcher is responsible for executing SQL queries against a database.
JdbcMessageDispatcherFactory Creates JdbcMessageDispatchers.
JdbcMessageReceiver Implements TransactedPollingMessageReceiver reading data from a database.
JdbcMessageRequesterFactory Creates JdbcMessageDispatchers.
JdbcTransaction TODO
JdbcTransactionFactory TODO
JdbcUtils Utility methods for working with various parts of JDBC.
SQLExceptionReader Surfaces information about SQLExceptions such as the code and sql state.

Package org.mule.transport.jdbc Description

Provides jdbc transport.

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