Class CountingRedeliveryHandler

  extended by org.mule.transport.jms.redelivery.AbstractRedeliveryHandler
      extended by org.mule.transport.jms.redelivery.CountingRedeliveryHandler
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public class CountingRedeliveryHandler
extends AbstractRedeliveryHandler

This redelivery handler will keep counting the redelivery attempts for each message redelivered. Used for providers not implementing the JMSXDeliveryCount property support.

Field Summary
protected static Log logger
          logger used by this class
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void handleRedelivery(Message message, InboundEndpoint endpoint, FlowConstruct flow)
          process the redelivered message.
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Field Detail


protected static final Log logger
logger used by this class

Constructor Detail


public CountingRedeliveryHandler()
Method Detail


public void handleRedelivery(Message message,
                             InboundEndpoint endpoint,
                             FlowConstruct flow)
                      throws JMSException,
process the redelivered message. If the Jms receiver should process the message, it should be returned. Otherwise the connector should throw a MessageRedeliveredException to indicate that the message should be handled by the connector Exception Handler.

Specified by:
handleRedelivery in interface RedeliveryHandler
Specified by:
handleRedelivery in class AbstractRedeliveryHandler
message - the redelivered message
endpoint - from which the message was received
flow - in which the exception occured, this is used to obtain the appropriate exception handler
JMSException - if properties cannot be read from the JMSMessage
MessageRedeliveredException - should be thrown if the message should be handled by the connection exception handler
MuleException - if there is a problem reading or proessing the message

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