Package org.mule.transport

Contains Abstract classes providing common functionality for all Mule providers.


Interface Summary
ConfigurableKeyedObjectPool A configurable KeyedObjectPool.
ConfigurableKeyedObjectPoolFactory Simple factory for ConfigurableKeyedObjectPool instances.
PollingController This determines whether polling is turned on or off

Class Summary
AbstractConnector AbstractConnector provides base functionality for all connectors provided with Mule.
AbstractJndiConnector This class acts as common baseclass for both Rmi & EjbConnector Resolves Jndi root for connector usage
AbstractMessageDispatcher Abstract implementation of an outbound channel adaptors.
AbstractMessageDispatcherFactory AbstractMessageDispatcherFactory is a base implementation of the MessageDispatcherFactory interface for managing the lifecycle of message dispatchers.
AbstractMessageReceiver AbstractMessageReceiver provides common methods for all Message Receivers provided with Mule.
AbstractMessageRequester The Message Requester is used to explicitly request messages from a message channel or resource rather than subscribing to inbound events or polling for messages.
AbstractMessageRequesterFactory A base implementation of the MessageRequesterFactory interface for managing the lifecycle of message requesters.
AbstractPollingMessageReceiver AbstractPollingMessageReceiver implements a base class for polling message receivers.
AbstractReceiverResourceWorker This is a Message receiver worker used by transports that do not have a way for the underlying transport to call back to the receiver when a message is available such as Jms.
AbstractReceiverWorker A base Worker used by Transport MessageReceiver implementations.
AbstractTransportMessageHandler<O> Provide a default dispatch (client) support for handling threads lifecycle and validation.
ConnectableLifecycleManager<O> TODO
ConnectorLifecycleManager Manages the lifecycle of connectors in Mule.
ContinuousPollingReceiverWorker Bypass the regular scheduling mechanism in order to minimize latency and maximize throughput for transports which have low or no cost for performing a poll operation (such as an in-memory queue).
DefaultConfigurableKeyedObjectPool Implements ConfigurableKeyedObjectPool as a delegate of a KeyedPoolableObjectFactory instance.
DefaultConfigurableKeyedObjectPoolFactory Implements ConfigurableKeyedObjectPoolFactory creating instances of DefaultConfigurableKeyedObjectPool.
DefaultPollingController By default, polling is alwaus enabled.
DefaultReplyToHandler DefaultReplyToHandler is responsible for processing a message replyTo header.
KeyedPoolMessageDispatcherFactoryAdapter KeyedPoolMessageDispatcherFactoryAdapter adapts a MessageDispatcherFactory with methods from commons-pool KeyedPoolableObjectFactory.
KeyedPoolMessageRequesterFactoryAdapter KeyedPoolMessageRequesterFactoryAdapter adapts a MessageRequesterFactory with methods from commons-pool KeyedPoolableObjectFactory.
NullPayload NullPayload represents a null event payload
TransactedPollingMessageReceiver The TransactedPollingMessageReceiver is an abstract receiver that handles polling and transaction management.

Exception Summary
ConnectException When this exception is thrown it will trigger a retry (reconnection) policy to go into effect if one is configured.

Package org.mule.transport Description

Contains Abstract classes providing common functionality for all Mule providers. Custom providers should use these base classes as they provider almost all the functionality needed by Mule to interact with the underlying technology.

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