Interface DeserializationPostInitialisable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AjaxReplyToHandler, DefaultMessageCollection, DefaultMuleEvent, DefaultMuleMessage, DefaultReplyToHandler, EventGroup, JettyContinuationsReplyToHandler, JmsReplyToHandler, MonitoredObjectStoreWrapper.StoredObject

public interface DeserializationPostInitialisable

A marker interface used to trigger post-deserialization initialization of an object. This works in the same way as Cloneable interface. Implementors of this interface must add the method private void initAfterDeserialization(MuleContext muleContext) throws MuleException to their class (note that it's private). This will get invoked after the object has been deserialized passing in the current mulecontext when using either SerializationWireFormat, SerializedMuleMessageWireFormat, or the ByteArrayToSerializable transformer.

See Also:
ByteArrayToSerializable, SerializationWireFormat, SerializedMuleMessageWireFormat

Nested Class Summary
static class DeserializationPostInitialisable.Implementation

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