Interface Summary
DefaultObjectStoreFactory Create the default object stores
DeserializationPostInitialisable A marker interface used to trigger post-deserialization initialization of an object.

Class Summary
AbstractMonitoredObjectStore<T extends Serializable> TODO
AbstractObjectStore<T extends Serializable> This is an abstract superclass for ObjectStore implementations that conforms to the contract defined in the interface's javadocs.
AbstractPartitionedObjectStore<T extends Serializable>  
DefaultObjectStoreFactoryBean Manage the creation of the default Mule object stores.
InMemoryObjectStore<T extends Serializable> InMemoryObjectStore implements an optionally bounded in-memory store for message IDs with periodic expiry of old entries.
InMemoryObjectStore.StoredObject<T> Represents the object stored in the store.
ManagedObjectStore<T extends Serializable>  
MonitoredObjectStoreWrapper<T extends Serializable> The MonitoredObjectStoreWrapper wraps an ObjectStore which does not support direct expiry and adds this behavior
ObjectStorePartition<T extends Serializable>  
PartitionedInMemoryObjectStore<T extends Serializable>  
PartitionedObjectStoreWrapper<T extends Serializable>  
PartitionedPersistentObjectStore<T extends Serializable>  
QueuePersistenceObjectStore<T extends Serializable> This is an ObjectStore implementation that is to be used to persist messages on Mule's internal queues.
QueueStoreAdapter<T extends Serializable> Adapts a ListableObjectStore to make it useful to store event queues.
SimpleMemoryObjectStore<T extends Serializable>  
TextFileObjectStore A Simple object store that stores String objects by key to a text file.

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