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Mule ESB 2.2.6 Release Notes

Apr 17, 2012 16:25

Janet Revell

Jan 21, 2013 17:00

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Mule ESB 2.2.6 Release Notes

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Mule ESB 2.2.6 Release Notes

This release of Mule ESB Enterprise Edition introduces substantial MMC improvements, including UI support for configuration of email alerts, auto-discovery of Mule server instances, external LDAP configuration, and improved performance.

This release also includes ESB improvements such as re-worked exception handling and a number of additional platform certifications.

Current Release Version


Enterprise Edition

Community Edition







Feature Highlights

New in MMC

  • Email Alert destination UI. Makes it easier to configure destinations to escalate alerts via email
  • SNMP Alert destination UI. Makes it easier to configure destinations to escalate alerts via SNMP traps (supports both SNMP v2 and v3)
  • Mule instances Auto Discovery. Simplifies connecting the management console to Mule server instances.
  • Mule HA (high availability) support
  • External LDAP configuration
  • Performance improvements

New in Mule

  • Improvements to exception handling: Until now, Mule exceptions could be handled more than once by the exception strategies. Exception strategies will now be executed once for a given exception. If you are relying upon multiple exception strategies being called for a particular exception, you need to adapt your code.
  • Now supports Tanuki wrapper 4.3.0
  • Inbound client connections now supported for TCP transport
  • File connector now able to listen on subdirectories
  • JDBC Query timeouts now supported
  • HTTP transport now supports redirects
  • New WMQ connector attribute: clientID
  • MessagePropertiesTransformer enhanced to support expressions and wildcards
  • MessagePropertiesTransformer can now remove many message properties at once (either by wildcards or regex)

Supported Platforms and Deployments

Mule ESB Management Console has been tested with and supports the following platforms:

Application Server

Management Console


Tcat/Tomcat (5.5 and 6.x)



JBoss (4.x, 5, 5.1.0)



Mule Standalone 2.2.6



WebSphere 7.0



WebLogic version 11g (



Known Issues

ESB Issues

MULE-4771Stockquote WSDL example fails with exception. Workaround: Add %JAVA_HOME%\bin to the path
EE-1257Mule cannot "see" the license when there is a space in MULE_HOME (e.g., "Program Files"). Workaround: MULE_HOME must not have a space in it (e.g. "Program Files").
EE-1735Maven archetypes (project, transport, module etc.) fail because the required artifacts are not available. Workaround: Continue to use the 2.2.1 archetypes.
EE-2008Jdbc example not able to process CSV file for insert data into the database. The fix is to add a ObjectToString transformer before the CsvToMapTransformer in the file inbound endpoint.


Fixed Issues

ESB Fixes

EE-1839WMQ connection / JMS Session is left open when transaction begins on outbound endpoint
EE-1978XA transactions are not committed if Mule uses more than one WMQ connector
MULE-4963Transformers should not be cached (they have an endpoint attribute)
EE-1539    New Exception Strategy allowing more control over message and routing
EE-1805NullPointerException in org.mule.transport.jms.XaTransactedJmsMessageReceiver
EE-1813Implement inbound client connections for TCP transport
EE-1889Support Module removed from distribution
EE-1977NullPointerException in AutoDiscoveryRedeliveryHandlerFactory
EE-1980Connector exception strategy is invoked twice
EE-1983Retry Policy not working for wmq with XA Transaction
MULE-3478Default encoding (FileUtils) is always UTF-8 as of version 2.0.1 for all files read by the filetransport.
MULE-4274File-to-string-transformer doesn't respect endpoint encoding
MULE-4752Dispatcher object pool exhaustion policy interferes with threading profile exhaustion policy because dispatcher has to be obtained before work is scheduled
MULE-4792XStream XmlToObject transformer unable to load classes when running in hot deployment mode
MULE-4899Memory Leak in CXF Message Dispatchers
EE-1817Intermittent org.mule.api.lifecycle.InitialisationException when deployed as EAR in JBoss
EE-1867Proxying POJO with simple frontend throws NPE
EE-1898Race Condition with WMQ Connector and retry-forever-policy which causes javax.jms.MessageListener not being registered
EE-1901Setting clientid on wmq connector was not working
EE-1907Outbound endpoint was not invoked when timeout happened on collection-aggregator-router and failOnTimeout=false was set
EE-1924Expression transformer were causing conflicts with other transformers in the stack
EE-1928Problems handling Spaces in Path in populate_m2_repo.groovy
EE-1935MULE_BASE stop not working on solaris
EE-1937NPE issue in MuleEventContext.dispatchEvent
EE-1964JXPathExpressionEvaluator doesn't recognize namespaces if prefix is different.
MULE-3983JmsConnector throwing NPE when endpoint transaction config not set
MULE-4467Alternate Exception Strategy now correctly handles routing and transactions
MULE-4705PrompotStdioConnector was unable to load user ResourceBundle when using hot deployment
MULE-4776Webapp example fails when using tomcat:run
MULE-4783XsltTransformer cannot load xsl file when Mule is deployed in an EAR outside the WAR
MULE-4786Max http connections (for all http endpoints) is limited by dispatcher threading profile maxActiveThreads
MULE-4837Outbound endpoint is not invoked when timeout happens on collection-aggregator-router and failOnTimeout=false is set
MULE-4874MethodHeaderPropertyEntryPointResolver must applied transformers before looking for a method property
MULE-4920Proxying POJO with simple frontend without specifying namespace throws NPE
MULE-4927Exception strategy invoked both for connector *and* service exception strategies when exception on sync outbound endpoint
MULE-4961JXPathExpressionEvaluator doesn't recognize namespaces if prefix is different.
MULE-4964Retry Policy not working for wmq with XA Transaction
MULE-4970SmtpConnector: Work caused exception on 'workCompleted'. - NullPointerException
EE-1717SpringProviderAdapter forces use of UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken
EE-1903ConsoleWrapperTestCase and ConsoleWrapperLoggingTestCase fail on jdk1.5.0_22
EE-1909Filters are invoked twice
EE-1952VM queues ordering
EE-877Potential Improvements on
MULE-2052Startup script does detect running process if located in long path
MULE-4870Method AbstractConnectable.start() is not thread safe
MULE-4876SpringProviderAdapter forces use of UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken
MULE-4939Persistent VM queues don't keep order after restart
EE-1941JmsMessageRequester not XA Transaction aware, closes JMS Session
MULE-4908JmsMessageDispatcher not XA Transaction aware, closes JMS Session
EE-1494dispatcher.dispatchRemote causes Broken Pipe exception
MULE-4791EventGroupTestCase.testCompareTo() fails intermittently


MMC Fixes

MMC-363When configuring alerts, the wrong script name was displayed. "Script 'SNMPAlert' has been saved"
MMC-387Stack Overflow error caused when executing Administrator Scripts in Internet Explorer 8
MMC-375Creating a new user sometimes caused bogus validation error, red highlight
MMC-311Special characters in User name and password fields caused "error communicating with the server"
MMC-374Email notification for alerts not saving properl
MMC-399Attempting to register backup node removed servers from MMC, threw errors
MMC-372Registering a standalone server with an agent of MMC 2.2.5 didn't work properly
MMC-344Running MMC in a web application running on TCServer causes exception: "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.tanukisoftware.wrapper.jmx.WrapperManagerMBean.getJavaPID()"
MMC-53Discovery - agent must user Mule server ID when broadcasting. This issue is fixed by the implementation of auto-discovery.
MMC-390Exception alert not working.
MMC-365MMC is unable to detect Mule shutdown, still shows green status and no alert is fired
MMC-269ServerUp event must deploy alerts only for the target server, not every server associated with the alert definition
MMC-336Audit Status not in-sync after Restart of server
MMC-331NPE occurred when attempting to deploy MMC war on WebLogic
MMC-352Restarting a registered mule instance sometimes caused race conditions
MMC-148When a server goes down, RPC calls give bad error messages
MMC-368Stopping and then starting a JMS endpoint caused it to drop messages
MMC-272Mule log file "mule.log" appears as one continuous line when using IE 8. Fixed in IE8 and IE6.
MMC-241Previously displayed msgs need to be cleared when next Submit (type) action is performed
MMC-369Thread Poll SLA Error: "No transformer found for alert info type canned.alert.type.threadPool"
MMC-342Files screen shows no files when starting Mule as a Service
MMC-215Refreshes to server information (server list and server tree in nav panel) are very slow in remote situations with 10+ servers
MMC-210When trying to connect remotely to the EC2 instance -- server registration takes a very long time (2+ minutes) before failing with "connection refused"
MMC-42Selecting link on memory type should zoom associated chart.
MMC-381When clearing the statistics found in the Services tab, not all of them were being cleared (e.g.,the Executed Events)
MMC-349Services tab was not updating queued messaged itself
MMC-348Inbound router statistics not updating. From the Services->Endpoints panel. Fixed.