CICS CTG Transport

CICS CTG Transport



Mule CICS CTG Transport provides a connectivity to a mainframe CICS application via IBM CICS Transaction Gateway(CTG). It provides XML ,SOAP/WSDL and REST interface for Mule client. It transforms Mule client message to CICS commarea message using XML schema. XML schema is generated by a tool using cobol copybook.

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  • Improvement CICSCTG-2 CICS CTG Transport running on Mule

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  • Improvement CICSCTG-2 10/Feb/09 CICS CTG Transport running on Mule
  • Task CICSCTG-1 08/May/08 Commit the intial source code of core component

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  • Unreleased alpha Release Date: 21/Mar/08
  • Unreleased beta Release Date: 31/Mar/08
  • Unreleased 1.0 Release Date: 30/Apr/08

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