EJB 3.0 Transport

EJB 3.0 Transport



Mule EJB provider can only invoke EJB 2.x methods. EJB 3.0 changed the way in which you obtain the reference to the remote EJB. This provider supports invoking EJB3.0 methods. Example:

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  • Task EJBTHREE-2 Due Date: 30/May/08 Dispatcher functionality
  • Task EJBTHREE-4 Due Date: 06/Jun/08 Write up test cases for the Dispatcher classes
  • Task EJBTHREE-5 Due Date: 12/Jun/08 Build some sample configurations

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  • Task EJBTHREE-2 Updated: 22/Jun/08 Dispatcher functionality
  • Task EJBTHREE-7 03/Jun/08 Investigate Application server compatability for the current code
  • Task EJBTHREE-6 Updated: 02/Jun/08 Evaluate existing code

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