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ScriptExpressionEvaluator does not throw Exception


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      Let's assume that I wanted to do some logic in groovy expression when inserting data to database. I have following jdbc-endpoint query configuration:

      <jdbc:connector name="foo-connector" dataSource-ref="foo-ds">
        <jdbc:query key="insertFoos"
                  value=" INSERT INTO FOO
                           #[groovy:throw new RuntimeException('field2 gets inserted with null instead of error in JdbcMessageDispatcher')])" />

      For simpler example I omitted the actual logic by throwing an Exception intentionally.
      When I call the endpoint, no Exception is thrown to Mule. Only null value is inserted in the database. I think it is very dangerous if an Exception is not thrown when evaluating an expression. Now corrupted data may be added to database.

      I think the cause is in
      public Object evaluate(String expression, MuleMessage message)
              Scriptable script = getScript(expression);
              Bindings bindings = script.getScriptEngine().createBindings();
              script.populateBindings(bindings, message);
                  return script.runScript(bindings);
              catch (ScriptException e)
                  return null;

      The ScriptException is omitted brutally. Could the exception be propagated so I would sleep better at nights?


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