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Examples launcher should not duplicate XML configs or README info.


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      The examples launcher is nice but has not been designed with maintenance in mind:

      • There is an independent copy (i.e., fork) of the XML config for each example. This will quickly become a maintenance nightmare.
      • The "about" page contains info. which already is or should be in the README.txt for each example.
      • The "run" page (HTML front-end) for each example really belongs in the example itself, not in the launcher.

      Ideally, the launcher should just be a container which displays the above info. from each example. We need to refactor things a bit so that the XML, README, and UI for each example live (and are maintained) inside the example itself and are merely consolidated and presented by the launcher.

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          Closed due to age. Please reopen if needed.

          Alejandro Sequeira added a comment - Closed due to age. Please reopen if needed.


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