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<all> router incorrectly calls a jax-ws endpoint


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      This used to work in 3.1.2
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      When using
      <http:outbound-endpoint address="http://localhost:8081/united" exchange-pattern="request-response" >
      <cxf:jaxws-client serviceClass="com.mulesoft.ticketing.TicketPriceService" operation="getPrice" />


      The service is called incorrectly and has XML errors in the SOAP envelope. However when you use a VM endpoint to call a flow with the exact same http:outbound-endpoint it works just fine

      so the example would be

      <vm:outbound-endpoint path="FrontierRequest" exchange-pattern="request-response" />


      <flow name="xyzflow">
      <vm:inbound-endpoint path="FrontierRequest" exchange-pattern="request-response" />
      <http:outbound-endpoint address="http://localhost:8081/united" exchange-pattern="request-response" >
      <cxf:jaxws-client serviceClass="com.mulesoft.ticketing.TicketPriceService" operation="getPrice" />

      <flow name="unitedFlow">
      <http:inbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response"
      address="http://localhost:8081/united" >
      <cxf:jaxws-service serviceClass="com.mulesoft.ticketing.TicketPriceService" />
      <component class="com.mulesoft.ticketing.TicketPriceServiceImpl"></component>
      <append-string-transformer message=" United"/>


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