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As a Mule user, I want complete documentation on Object Stores


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      Object stores are used in many places in Mule

      • To contain queues
      • To hold events for the until-successful router
      • To hold events being aggregated
      • etc.

      While all object stores have the basic ability to store and retrieve objects, some have additional capabilities:

      • Listable (can list the objects they contain)
      • Monitored (will delete objects past their time-to-live expiration)
      • Partitionable (can be subdivided into smaller object stores)
      • Persistent

      Documentation needs to make clear:

      • All the predefined object stores, and their capabilities
      • All the places object stores are used, and what capabilities are required
      • How to create custom object stores


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        Closed due to age. Please reopen if needed.

        Alejandro Sequeira added a comment - Closed due to age. Please reopen if needed.


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