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Improve support for / integration with Geronimo App Server


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      Brainstorming from Ross and Aaron Mulder:

      > - Mule uses Geronimo JTA/XA transaction manager
      [Ross Mason] We've Done this with other AppServers and have support of
      WebLogic, Websfear, Jboss and can easily added the same for Geronimo

      > - Mule uses Geronimo security realms for authentication / to create a
      > Subject for authentication (via JAAS, etc.)
      [Ross Mason] This will need investigation, but Mule can delegate
      authentication to different providers

      > - Mule uses Geronimo factory to create SSL factories so all the
      > Keystores, etc. are handled by Geronimo and don't need to be
      > configured in multiple places
      [Ross Mason] I like this feature, but we don't currently support it. We'd
      need to adapt the socket transports to do this but it should be

      > - Mule runs in Geronimo and Mule services can be
      > hot-deployed/undeployed/redeployed using the Geronimo deployer
      > (command-line, web console, Maven plugin, etc.)
      [Ross Mason] Does this mean we'd need write a Mule Xbean plug-in?

      > - Mule uses Geronimo HTTP server for any HTTP/HTTPS endpoints (easy
      > if you just want to control the URL beyond something like
      > http://server:port/context/* but hard if you want to specify the port
      > and/or context root)
      [Ross Mason] Mule can bind to any Servlet container to receive requests
      rather than using Mule's Http transport.

      > - Mule uses Geronimo thread pool(s)
      [Ross Mason] Easily done. You can just add a Geronimo Thread Pool factory
      that exposes Geronimo managed pools. I guess the question is how does Mule
      look up Geronimo Thread pools?. This sounds like a similar/same mechanism
      that Resource Adapters use to share App Server resources. Are we talking
      about JCA? Mule has a JCA resource adapter.

      > - Expose EJBs deployed in Geronimo as Mule endpoints
      [Ross Mason] This is already possible using the EJBContainerContext in Mule.

      > - Expose a client API in JNDI for J2EE components so they can send
      > messages to the Mule bus
      [Ross Mason] Are you talking about JCA here?

      > - Figure out a way for Geronimo to pass a Subject created by a secure
      > web app to Mule to invoke secure services in Mule
      [Ross Mason] Would need to investigate this

      > - Expose Mule management, notifications, and statistics through the
      > Geronimo JMX/JSR-77 management interfaces
      [Ross Mason] We already expose this through JMX, I guess might just need a
      clean way to integrate this with Geronimo

      > - Add Mule screens to the Geronimo web admin console
      > The basic idea is that you should be able to start/stop, manage,
      > monitor, deploy to, etc. the combined system as if it was one. And
      > that applications should be able to use the features of both – e.g. a
      > J2EE web application sending messages to the Mule bus, or a Mule
      > service dispatching messages to be handled by a J2EE session bean
      > (even when using things like security and transactions on both sides).

      > The basic procedure for creating a plugin is to get the services running in
      > Geronimo as we want, and then use an admin console tool to export the
      > Mule services as one or more plugins. Though if you use Maven to
      > build Mule it's possible to eventually build plugins directly as part
      > of the Mule build.
      [Ross Mason] Many of the points we can already do or just require some
      minimal coding. I think one place to start is with a plug-in that allows
      Mule to be deployed to Geronimo and weave our Jmx support in as well.


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