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Modules: XA Transactions


Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
Bug MULE-7278 [JMS][XA] Reconnection strategy after startup doesn't work
Bug MULE-3414 XaTransactedMessageReceiver unusable after Arjuna aborts transactions
Bug MULE-3628 When using Xa transactions, statements on the 'polling datasource' are not executed

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Bug MULE-9544 Reconnect Strategy not triggered for JMS with XA transactions
New Feature MULE-7232 Improve bitronix configuration using system properties
Bug MULE-10078 Properly handle disposal of XaTransactedJmsMessageReceiver

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Versions: Unreleased

Name Release date
Unreleased 2.2.9 (EE only)  
Unreleased 3.1.5 (EE Only)  
Unreleased 3.1.x  
Unreleased 3.2.5 (EE Only)  
Unreleased 3.4.4 (EE Only)  
Unreleased New Backlog  
Unreleased Tech. Debt  
Unreleased Product Backlog  
Unreleased 3.4.5 (EE Only)  
Unreleased 3.5.5 (EE Only)  
Unreleased 3.3.5 (EE Only)  
Unreleased 3.6.5 (EE Only)  
Unreleased 3.9.0  
Unreleased 3.7.5 (EE Only)  
Unreleased 3.8.2 (EE Only)  
Unreleased 4.0.0  
Unreleased 4.0.0-development  
Unreleased 4.0.0-M4
Unreleased 4.0.0-M5
Unreleased 4.0.0.RC
Unreleased None  
Unreleased 3.8.3 (EE Only)  
Unreleased 3.5.5  
Unreleased 3.6.5  
Unreleased 3.7.5  
Unreleased 3.7.4  

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