Modules: XA Transactions


Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug MULE-3414 XaTransactedMessageReceiver unusable after Arjuna aborts transactions
  • Bug MULE-3628 When using Xa transactions, statements on the 'polling datasource' are not executed
  • Improvement MULE-7129 Allow to set the "cacheProducersConsumers" property in Bitronix connection pool

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug MULE-7450 09/Apr/14 XA transactions fail when using different connectors for the same DB
  • Improvement MULE-2273 17/Mar/14 Integrate JBossTS' JMX mbeans into Mule subdomain
  • Bug MULE-7245 05/Mar/14 Eager initialization of BitronixXaDataSourceBuilder can make a mule application to fail on start

Versions: Unreleased