Core: Event/Message


Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug MULE-6099 Merged session for an event group is not created in a deterministic way
  • Bug MULE-6503 EventGroup / request-reply / SimpleCollectionAggregator seems to leak or store too many keys
  • Bug MULE-6532 JMS messages sent from 3.3 can't be received by 3.2 due to mule session header encoding incompatibility

Issues: Updated recently

  • Improvement MULE-7496 Last Friday 03:54 PM Avoid unnecessary use of UUID when copying message
  • Epic MULE-7495 08/Apr/14 Reduce and optimise MuleEvent and MuleMessage copying
  • Bug MULE-7431 07/Apr/14 AbstractMessagingExceptionStrategy accessing an incorrect Even when using RequestContext

Versions: Unreleased